7 Steps in the Fire Damage Restoration Process

7 Steps in the Fire Damage Restoration Process

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that a fire in a city is being responded to by the fire department every 23 seconds. After that, if the building is still intact, restoration is required. The goal of fire damage restoration is to eventually return your house or place of business to its pre-fire state through a series of stages of reconstruction and repair. Here is a recap of those steps.

1. Contact Restoration Specialists:

Hiring a skilled group of professionals with experience in fire damage restoration is crucial after a fire. Insurance companies frequently make recommendations for specific restoration firms that can help and advise with post-event repairs.

2. Inspection and Assessment:

A fire damage repair firm will visit your house or place of business once you’ve engaged them to do an examination and damage assessment. They will search for smoke and soot damage in addition to any structural damage brought on by the fire during this phase.

3. Board Up and Add Roof Tarps:

Board up windows, doors, and other fire-affected openings to protect the property from more harm. It assists in shielding susceptible properties from weather conditions like wind and rain. Tarps for the roof can also stop more water damage.

4. Water Removal:

It needs to be removed from the property to avoid mold growth and other issues if a large amount of water was used to put out the fire. Using specialized tools like vacuums and pumps, standing water is extracted during the water removal process.

5. Removal of Soot and Smoke Damage:

In this step of the procedure, soot and dirt are removed from walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and any other surface that needs to be cleaned using specific methods and cleaning supplies.

6. Clean and Sanitize:

Any surfaces impacted by the fire must be cleaned and sanitized by professionals. This entails eliminating any odors or residue with the use of specialized cleaning supplies and tools.

7. Rebuild and Repair:

Rebuilding and restoring any damaged portions is the last phase in the fire damage repair process. Walls, flooring, and furniture restoration are all included in this restoration. The duration of this step in the process can range from a few days to many weeks.


As you can see, restoring and repairing fire damage requires a number of stages. Hire a qualified crew of specialists who are experienced in handling fire damage if you ever find yourself in this situation. When you want the Best Water and Fire Damage Restoration Services, Los Angeles, consider contacting our team of experts at Stark Remodeling Los Angeles.


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