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Commercial Remodeling

In a modern competitive world, the need to stay at pace with modern times has become necessary for all businesses, and hence we at Stark Remodeling offer special commercial remodeling services for all kinds of businesses. Los Angeles is a hub of art and culture that has many glorious locations all over town, so the need to appear chic and happening is even greater to attract more customers.

Remodels are an extensive activity and have to be planned carefully in order to add to the social quotient and hence the fame of your business. Commercial remodels are primarily dependent on the industry your business belongs to or caters to.

At Stark Home remodels, we carry out extensive research, trend analysis, and theme planning in order to create our proposals for your commercial space that capture all the essential aspects of the business dimension and add to the aesthetic as well as the convenience of your workspace. Some of the shared aspects of our commercial remodeling services can be shared as


  • Electrical HVAC Drywall / Framing
  • Upgrades to ADA Compliance
  • Plumbing work
  • Flooring upgrading and repairs
  • Concrete
  • Carpentry and fixture work
  • Painting and interior design
  • Repairs for Termites
  • Ready to Rent services for your space
  • Bathrooms/Kitchens upgrading and repairs
  • Stairs/Stringers
  • Millwork

In addition to all these basic services, we offer specialized additions that might be necessary in some cases in order to ensure the perfection of the project. Our experts always understand that the most essential component for any project would be the needs and the preferences of the client and hence always focus on what you have to say about the remodel and maintain good communication in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Our team of commercial remodels brings a combined experience of more than 30 years of working in Los Angeles and hence would be able to offer recommendations for creating a genuinely perfect remodel for your commercial space. Our experience in the field of commercial remodels allows us to cover all types of commercial properties for offering remodeling services. Some of our specializations in commercial remodeling exist for:-

  1. Multi-family properties such as apartment complexes and other rent-based living spaces.
  2. All kinds of Office spaces
  3. All types of Industrial complexes for varied businesses
  4. All dimensions of Retail properties
  5. All forms of Hotel and motel buildings

If you wish re-invent your business and plan on beginning the process by remodeling the workspace, the experts at Stark Remodeling are just a phone call away, so call now and begin the journey to revolutionize your workspace.