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A recently updated bathroom raises the value of your home’s design, modernizes it and makes it a better fit for your needs. Renovations provide the ideal chance to include enhancements that will you and your family for many years. If you are investing in bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, think about making one or more of these essential changes to improve the space’s functionality, storage and comfort. To guarantee a cohesive design, hiring a qualified bathroom remodeling contractor is a great investment.

The top 5 bathroom remodeling ideas are listed below.

  • Choose a Hidden-tank and/or Low-flow Toilet

There are several benefits of hidden tank toilets, in which the water storage tanks are installed inside the wall. They demand attention, especially for small bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, due to the way the design may maximize available space. Additionally, its sleep shape fits in perfectly with fashionable and modern bathroom decor.

Another design to consider is a low-flow toilet. These variations use less water each time you flush. They are a prudent choice that will increase the market value of your home in addition to lowering your water costs.

  • Use Small, Textured tile on Shower Floor

You may choose a variety of flooring, wall and tile alternatives for your bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles. The most important choice in terms of safety will be the tile you use for the shower’s floor. Pick a fine textured shower tile. Your feet won’t slip after the floor is wet and soapy because of the texture and extra grouting.

The majority of modern furniture tiles have easy-to-clean grout and are stain, mold and humidity resistant. Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in a variety of design alternatives. Combine and contrast different patterns and colors for the most effect, or choose a more muted palette for a cohesive look.

  • Install a 2-inch drain pipe

This is a minor and practically invisible advancement during bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles. It will, however, greatly increase the usefulness of your bathroom.

For bathroom drain plumbing, 1.5 inches of PVC pipe, or rarely 1.25 inches, is usually utilized. Particularly if multiple family members use the same shower and/or bathtub, this sort of drain line is prone to clogging. It will cost roughly the same to install a drain pipe with a drain pipe of 2 inches, but will improve bathroom drainage dramatically.

  • Include a Window in the Shower

One of the biggest threats to an immaculate bathroom is humidity, which may lead to the formation of mold and mildew. Natural ventilation is ideal for bathrooms, with no disrespect intended for the usefulness of a decent bathroom fan.

During your Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles, consider installing a window to help with humidity removal, even if you simply leave it cracked open during or after a shower. Additionally, a window will provide pleasant, secure natural light into the bathroom.

  • Improve the Lighting

As you plan your bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, think about improving or expanding your current lighting to improve the room’s ambience and usability. The lighting would benefit from having a main light dimmer. YOu may already be aware if you like taking lengthy baths that they are not very pleasurable under full artificial light. You might create the right mood by using a dimmer.

Let the Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Contractor Design it for you

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