Quick and Efficient Ways for Small Bathroom Remodeling

It’s a common misconception among homeowners that remodeling a tiny bathroom that is 50 square feet or less will take considerably less time, be more straightforward, and cost less money. The truth is that you might not save as much time and money as you had thought because remodeling a small bathroom still involves hiring the same pros and installing many of the same conveniences but in a smaller space.

This blog finds the best tips for small bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles.

What Does It Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

A small bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles typically involves new drywall, flooring, lighting, a vanity, and tiling and can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $30,000. Most spend, on average, $10,000. If you want to use the most expensive tub, sink, toilet, and fittings, you’ll start spending around $30,000.

Top Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Space may be a constraint, but inventiveness is not. These modest bathroom remodeling ideas will make you cherish your personal retreat.

  • Deceive the eye and make the space appear taller

Anytime you can blur the boundary between the ceiling and the wall, you increase the room and fool the eye into believing you are in a taller space than you actually are. Narrow strips that match the ceiling can be used in place of the thick crown molding. Replace hanging or pendant lighting with wall sconces or recessed lighting that shines upward, creating the impression that the wall is longer.

  • Lighten up a Small Space

Avoid dark colors and contrasting hues during bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles for a small space. A small bathroom will appear larger when painted in light tones from the same color family. A matching floor tile to the wall will make it appear longer and more spacious. If possible, fill the space with natural light.

  • Play with color

You may maintain the openness and lightness of your bathroom while still giving it a splash of color to give it some character. Choose a colorful towel and a bath mat with a nubby or shaggy texture to liven up your comfort zone.

  • Make use of a Shower Curtin or a Sliding Shower Door

Small bathrooms might not be suitable for shower doors that pivot on hinges. Use a shower curtain or a glass shower door that glides along tracks as an alternative. Moreover, consider purchasing a curved curtain rod if you get a shower curtain. The rod will prevent the shower curtain from clinging to your body if you have a small bathroom.

  • Mirror mirror on the wall!

In small bathrooms, a mirror that runs the length of the wall can let two individuals get ready simultaneously. Mirrors also provide light by reflecting it, brightening the walls, and giving the impression that the space is larger than it actually is. Shining fixtures, sparkling white showers, tubs, and sinks also reflect the light.

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